How to unblock files

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If you are installing non-add-in type software to your home server or unziping or opening a file on your home server and receive the following error message, these instructions will assist you in resolving the error message. (This error is security oriented and occurs typically because the software or file is downloaded onto a client PC and then transferred to the home server via the shares.)


The following presumes the file you wish to install/open has been dropped onto the home server's desktop. If you need directions to get the file onto the server's desktop, see Wiki topic: How to install software on the server.

  1. Right click on the file that now resides on your server's desktop, and click on the Unblock button and then OK. See below image as an example.
  2. SanEncore5.JPG
  3. The file should now be unblocked and should run or open as intended without the permissions error.