How to install software on the server

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These instructions will assist you in installing a software application on your home server.

  1. Using a client PC that is connected to the same network as your MSS, download to that client PC the software you intend to install on the home server. (Make sure you select to Download the file, not Run the file.)
  2. Open the Shared Folders on Server icon found on the client PC's desktop and select the Share folder you want to copy the software to for a temporary resting place, i.e. Software share.
  3. Drag the downloaded file from your client PC to the Software share or whatever share you selected in Step 2.
  4. Open a Remote Desktop connection to your server.
  5. Either click on Start, Run and type \\HPSERVER\software (replace HPSERVER with your own server name), or click on the Shared Folders on Server icon found on the server desktop and navigate to the Software folder.
  6. Drag onto your server's desktop the file you wish to open/install. (If you placed the file you wish to open/install into a Share different than Software, then subsitute the name of that Share for Software.)
  7. Follow the How to unblock files directions to open the permissions for the file or application.
  8. Now double click on the file to install the application and follow the application's steps for installation. (The software should be installed to the C: partition if you are given a choice. It is important to note that the C: partition is limited to 20 GB. If you install a program that has any data directories or large storage repositories such as UTorrent, you should configure it so that the application is on C: and any data directories or large storage repositories are configured to be located on D: but outside the DE managed \folders and \shares.)