How to copy files to the server

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Many new owners of a Home Server will have data files stored on external or internal hard drives that they would like to move onto their Home Server. This article explains two different methods of accomplishing this, one by directly attaching the drive to the server, and the other by copying the files via connecting the drive to a client computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of each method

Copying via the Client PC is likely to be slower and take longer, as the files must be copied across the network. Directly attaching the drive to the server will likely be faster for the file transfers, but requires accessing the server via Remote Desktop and having some basic understanding of the locations of the Shared Folders in Windows Home Server.

Moving files from drive attached to client computer

Describe hooking up drive to your pc, then copying to server shares.

Moving files from drive attached to server

This method allows you to use a drag and drop method to manually copy individual files or folders containing files from a non-server storage disk to your WHS. While this method does require more time and attention by you, it has the advantage of allowing you to collate through your files and make choices about where to place the files and which ones should or should not be copied over to your WHS.

  1. Make sure the non-server drive with the files is conencted to the MSS either by placing the drive in a MSS drive bay or attaching the drive to the MSS via eSTATA or USB. Do not add the drive to the pool if asked by the MSS upon attaching the non-server drive to the MSS.
  2. Open a Remote Desktop connection to your server.
  3. Click Start > My Computer.
  4. The non-server drive will show up as E: or some subsequent letter depending if you have any non-pooled drives also attached to your MSS. Double click on the non-server drive and the contents of the drive with your files will be displayed.
  5. Non-server-drives.jpg
  6. Navigate to the files/folders you wish to copy to the server.
  7. Double click on the Shared Folders on Server icon found on the server desktop and navigate to the Share folder you wish to copy the files to.
  8. Desktop-Shares.jpg
  9. Arrange the desktop so that both the non-server drive window is open and the Share folder is open, side-by-side.
  10. Side-by-side.jpg
  11. Drag the file or folder you want to copy from the non-server drive window to the Share folder window and drop them at that location. The file or folder will copy over to that Share folder. Repeat this step as needed for all the particular files or folders you wish to copy to the server storage drives.