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PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:34 am 
.5TB storage
.5TB storage

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I'm trying to choose between the two but since the MV is so much cheaper what are the limitations? (I've read the spec differences but I mean practically/high level what does the MSS have that the MV doesn't that I would miss)

1) both have iTunes server - is the MV less robust or are they the same? can the MV not stream to an XBox 360 as easily?

2) Remote access from off the network - how is the MSS better?

3) I want 2 drives with one mirroring the other so if one fails it's not a big deal. I don't need the 4 bays of the MSS. I want to be able to back-up 1-2 computers on the external drive and ALSO store additional data/files/music/videos on the drive and then that entire drive to just be copied to the second mirror drive in case something happens. Can both be accomplished by the MV and MSS or just MSS? (I read that the RAID/mirroring settings is more robust on MSS)

4) Any other limitations with the MV? Any reason to buy it over the DLink D-323?


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:53 pm 
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I can't compare the MediaVault to the Dlink, but I can talk about the differences between it and the MediaSmart Server. You've seen this discussed in your other topics, I believe, but I'll try to address your specific questions here:

1. Both have iTunes and Twonky/Packet Video and should stream fine
2. MSS provides a Remote Desktop proxy that allows you to Remote Desktop to any PC in your home that supports Remote Desktop.
3. Both can be accomplished, a couple notes:
- MSS uses Drive Extender, a technology that allows you to add drives to a large volume and choose to enable duplication of content on a per share basis. The OS is not duplicated in the MSS, so if it fails you need to perform a Server Recovery to get your system up and running again. It does protect all data stored in duplicated shares by making sure a copy resides on more than one physical disk.
- The backup feature in the MV does not do a full system image and thus cannot restore a full OS image like the MSS. I believe the more expensive sku of MV includes NTI Shadow which will do this.

If you don't need the full OS backups or expandability of the MSS, the MV may be the right choice for you.

Alex Kuretz
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