Slow file copies to the server?
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Author:  fulg [ Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Slow file copies to the server?

Did anyone else notice that file copies to the server are quite slower than they used to be? I couldn't find related bugs on Connect, but I started noticing it soon after installing PP3.

When copying multi-gigabyte files to the server, I can hardly reach 18MB/s. Meanwhile I hear the server drives crunching a lot, as if it's started the duplication before I even finish the copy. I clearly remember doing around 65MB/s before with similarly-sized files...

Copying from the server to another client is as fast as it always was (65-70MB/s), so it's not a network issue.

I didn't really buy the "defragging the server" thing, maybe I should have bought PerfectDisk for WHS when it was cheap? :)

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