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PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 7:04 pm 

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I am having a reoccuring problem with my HP470 Server.
It has been running fine but recently I found I am not able to access the server from a computer on the network.
The screen displays a notice that I do not have permissions to access the server and to contact the administrator.
I am the administrator.

When I use the keyboard and mouse attached to the server I see the following notice:
Windows Product Activation must be activated before you can log on.
Do you want to activate Windows now?
Yes or No
Selecting Yes seemed to put the server out there trying to locate something but doesn't give me a clue so I reboot.

If I Reboot the Server it clears the problem but the Windows Server Console is extremely react the keyboard or mouse clicks.

The system seems to run OK but for hours but when I try to access the server the next day the same issue resurfaces.
Not sure if this is occurring during the late night backup.

Here is some of the info on my server:
Windows Server Service Pack 3
AMD Serpio Processor 3400X
1.07 GB of RAM
Console Version - 6/0.2423.0

Have any of you experienced this problem and if so, is there a fix?

Also, How much RAM can I put in the server: EX470?



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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:16 am 
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Hello, welcome, sorry to hear you are having problems, hopefully we can get you fixed up. :-)
The 470 is the first gen of the mediasmart line, so they are getting pretty old. But there are still many out there doing a great job with a little cleaning now and then.

To answer our ram question, all of the mediasmart servers could go up to 4 gig ram, but it needs to be the older style ram, the newer hi-density stuff will not work.
Also, the cpu can be upgraded while your in there, I have done both and can tell you it makes the system run a lot smoother/faster.
You should be able to search the 470 thread for ram and cpu types.
Question, do you have the FREE Smart addin installed and if so are all your drives ok? If not, Smart is a must have, it will tell you a drive is having problems long before the server will.

As for your system, sounds like the OS needs to be refreshed.
IF it were me and I was going to keep the system for awhile, I would get a good backup of all your data onto another pc or and external drive/s then I would purchase 2-3 2tb red drives and start over.
But before I reloaded, I would test the new ram, make sure it boots up with it and then try the new cpu, make sure it boots up with it as well. Then you know you are good to go with a fresh OS and copy the data back.

While your in their, a can of air to blast out the dust bunnies, power supply fans, case fans, and everywhere inside.

I know a reload is kind of (maybe overkill) but I have been working with windows, before windows :-) and I know that sometimes the best thing you can do is just nuke it and start over, fresh.

Let us know how it's going or if you have any other questions.

P.S. The one user being locked out use to happen to me every now and then.
You need to get into the server, control panel, administrative tools, computer management, local users and groups, users and look for the user that is locked out. Right click on the user and click properties, you will most likely see (user is disabled) checked, just uncheck it, reboot the server and you should be good to go.
Why does that happen, I have no idea except to say (it's windows) I have had to do this 3-4 times in 9-10 years.

Good Luck and enjoy...

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